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Project Keeferman Timeline

1958 - DoD directive 5105.15 establishing the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was signed. The directive gave the agency the responsibility "for the direction or performance of such advanced projects in the field of research and development as the Secretary of Defense shall, from time to time, designate by individual project or by category."
1968 - Keeferman born to patriotic American parents in the Northeast.
1986 - Keeferman eligible for military service.
1989 - Keeferman enters Nuclear Engineering program at Indiana University.
1993 - Keeferman establishes a Midwestern headquarters at "the crossroads of America."
1995 - DARPA (as ARPA now came to be known) was reshuffled and a top-secret Advanced Bio-chemical, Cybernetic, Nanotechnological, Robotic and Radiological Laboratories. (ABCNRRL or "ABC Labs" or "the Alphabet") subsection created. The change was outlined in President Bill Clinton's strategy paper, "Extraordinary Assets for America's Defense, A New Direction to Enhance Security at Home." Most "Project Keeferman" missions will be domestic, but K. has occasionally been called upon to support important military missions overseas.
March 1995 - Operation "United Shield" peacekeeping in Somalia.
1996 - Operation "Intervention Force" (IFOR) peacekeeping w/NATO in Bosnia.
August 1998 - Operation "Infinite Reach" strikes against Sudan and Afghanistan.
Spring 1999 - Operation "Noble Anvil" peacekeeping campaign in Kosovo and Serbia.
Winter 1999 - Keeferman redeployed to Southeastern sector by President Bill Clinton.
December 2000 - President-elect Bush learns of and scuttles numerous expensive Executive-level departments including "Project Keeferman".
October 2001 - President Bush is reminded of and re-establishes "Project Keeferman" as a part of what was to become the Department of Homeland Security.
October 7th, 2001 - Strikes against Afghanistan during operation "Enduring Freedom".
March 2003 - Keeferman resigns from active duty and becomes an independent agent, but remains affiliated with ABCNRRL as a consultant.
December 2004 - Rescue and support missions in post-tsunami South Asia.
August 2005 - Rescue and support missions in post-hurricane American gulf coast.
May 2008 - Rescue and support missions in post-earthquake central China.
July 2009 - Human Rights Monitoring during government response to ethnic unrest in Urumqi, China.
August 2009 - Rescues post-typhoon/mudslide in southern Taiwan.
January 2010 - Rescue and support missions in post-earthquake Haiti.
August 2010 - Rescue and support missions in post-flood Pakistan.
February 2011 - Rescue and support in post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand.
March 2011 - Rescue and support in post-tsunami Japan.
February 2011 - Rescue and support in post-earthquake Turkey.
June 2011 - Interdiction in Libya supporting Operation "Unified Protector".
July 2011 - Yellowstone River oil spill cleanup and animal rescue.

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